TechByNexarise specializes in developing and eye-catchy and crafty mobile applications. We engage your consumers and improve their experience by providing interactive apps. Get sophisticated and professionally developed mobile apps and help your business excel by approaching your audience on smartphones. We help you grow by reaching out to the palms of people. Make your business accessible by developing applications that are best optimized according to your device.

Android is the most widely used smartphone software around the world. We generate open-source and widely used android operating systems. Our android apps have a strong framework and provide a customizable user interface.

We develop secure and reliable apps to protect your day-to-day transactions. Use our customer friendly Apple operating system and engage your tech-savvy audience.

TechByNexarise app development experts are passionate to develop apps that can run on all platforms. Hybrid apps are mostly preferred by enterprise-level businesses. We develop high-end hybrid apps and are focused on their functional benefits along with maintaining your brand’s integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to build an app for your business, you might be pondering over the pros and cons of android and IOS apps. Contact our application development experts today and get free consultation on the choice of apps. The frameworks used in them are smart enough to save time.

Hybrid Apps enable you to work on multiple platforms. These apps are generated only once and are good to be used on every platforms. They are easy to use and enable you to accomplish more modules and use them offline. Normally, multilevel businesses integrate hybrid apps in their systems. Consult our representative today for further details.

Our client's requirements and preferences follow an Agile Development Methodology with several approaches like Lean and Kanban, Scrum, extreme programming, crystal, etc. If you are confused about which approach to take, our business analysts will guide you to your best methodology.

Like an exact time duration cannot be said for a project, the same is the app development cost. The time consumed and level of expertise to implement various app features and design varies largely. So the app development cost is relative to what you are looking for in the project.

We have helped several individuals who didn't have any idea for a startup. Working with someone who has a partially formed idea is even better. This way, we can help you fit in the missing pieces of your idea and create an app together. (The end product will still solely be your business property.)

We accept client payments in primarily three means: PayPal, Veem, and direct Bank Transfer. But we can show flexibility to other means of payment according to client preference.

Yes, we have a separate team dedicated to cloud-based products and web & mobile app solution development. Our backend team has years of experience with cloud computing architecture that has benefited every client.

There is no fixed duration that can be said for a project. It all depends on the type of app you wish to build, the level of features, and the design style. You can talk to our sales representative if you wish to get an exact duration and timeline for your particular app development project.

The project is first yours and only then ours. You have the complete freedom to review the code and designs, wireframes, and every piece of the project during the development phase. You will also receive a report of what module your assigned developers are working on at any given time.

We have a decent amount of experience in website to app porting projects. Our skilled developers know exactly how to build a fully working mobile app based on your company website.

Our development team can work on your specific designs and even collaborate with your designers wherever there is a hiccup in the process. We have successfully worked with many companies that had the same condition.

For starters, we will be creating your app with all the latest designs and integrating the most trending features that seem natural to your app. Next, our team of marketers will create a foolproof marketing strategy for you so that your app reaches its target audience from all over the world. Finally, with every new OS update of your app platform, we will keep updating and upgrading your app for future expansions.

Yes, we do, and a splendid one as heard from our present clients. We have had an almost perfect client retention record, and a big reason for this has been our restless efforts to give our clients the best support, maintenance, and upgrading service unheard of in the IT industry.

Our designers will sit with you and discuss your entire vision for not just your app or website but your entire company. Their knowledge of colour pallets, shapes, contours, and every other aspect of designing will be used to build your vision into a wireframe and then into a digital design. You can directly contact our designers and give feedback for each mockup or interact with the assigned project manager regarding the queries and suggestions you have. Our designers will meet you with the following mockup with all your offers infused into the design.

There is a whole digital world out there that has infinite possibilities, much of it for business. So getting into your customers' phones will increase your interaction and selling of products and services to a colloquial level.

We have several models and plans for every type of app development project. You can choose the apps features, design, and every other aspect according to your budget. Our sales executive and tech team will guide you in making the best decision in your limited budget.

For our specific clients looking for a quick solution, we provide fully customizable clone app development services, so there is no need to invest time in building the whole app from scratch. You get plenty of time to customize the design and features to your heart's content.

Both platforms have their pros and cons. You can talk to our sales executive about your project needs and decide which the right choice is. If you need further guidance, our salesperson will set up a meeting with our CTO to help you get a better evaluation.

Yes. We have a three-month support and maintenance program for each of our clients, and if you love our work, you can go for subscription models, and we would upgrade your app to new OS versions and the latest app design and feature trends.

We sign an agreement with every client stating that at the end of the project, not just the source code but every piece of work done on your project will be owned solely by you. We even white-label the product; hence our name will not be mentioned anywhere inside the project.

Yes, we do provide pre and post-development consultancy to every client. We understand that you didn't just hire us to code you a world-class app but also to get the proper guidance at each step of the project. The majority of our clients are startups; we were on too, so we understand the need for appropriate guidance and provide it for you.

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