Nothing draws a potential customer away from your website faster than getting a message of "this website is not secure" from their browser. While the world is pushed toward digitalization, many concerns also develop regarding data security. SSL certificate secures your website against privacy concerns and hacking threats. SSL Certification (or TLS, to be more accurate) is a means to verify the source of web pages and domains and open the door to information exchanges and electronic financial transactions. The SSL certificate is an industry-standard mechanism that helps avoid unauthorized people who can hack your website and ensure data encryption is forward and backward. It operates between a visitor's browser and your site or application. It is an industry-standard mechanism that ensures data encryption is passed backwards and forwards so that no unauthorized person can spy on the information and hack it. SSL certificates play a vital role in the modern, digitally connected world. TechByNexarise provides security, validation, and peace of mind to users and businesses. Get your SSL certificate today and secure all your credit card transactions, log-in details, and other data. It will also help you secure your sessions while using different web browsers. Your website will become more credible since it will be secure to browse through SSL certification. Your audience will not have to worry about their credentials and will freely surf through your website.


In cyberspace, every domain has a unique name; let's say "the name of the domain" and a particular IP (Internet Protocol) address for its specific identification. The IP address represents the numerical instruction of the system that computers understand because it might be irrational to humans. Every website has a specific domain name to run for a long time with its popularity and reputation. Domain prices start from some hundred dollars to thousand dollars according to the popularity and specifications of the domain. Choosing a domain name means a lot if you want to out-break your business and go a long way with a unique domain name. If you want your customers to remain attached to your brand, ensure its presence in front of everyone's eyes and recall and recognition. You can choose a good name by searching about your interest (the domain name you want to register your website) on many websites and get 1000+ results, videos, and images trusted and visited by millions of sites. Explore the best one in search of a week, month, and year 24/7 hours. Buy appropriate domains on your website for particular activities via our domain registration services. Your domains will function well according to your objectives for a specific time. TechByNexarise offers an array of domain registration options that allows you to choose the best for your website.


Our high- end hosting services help us manage the traffic on your business's website. We host your websites and increase the traffic by managing them properly. We purchase, share, and manage your website and profiles whilst helping you generate significant results. We provide appropriate solutions according to your queries and offer the most affordable plans.

Migrating your website from one host to another can seem like a great undertaking. TechByNexarise, specializes in migrating hundreds of WordPress, HTML and other websites for our clients across the world. Get all your services migrated to a new host with utmost satisfaction.

We organize your content out there on WordPress by providing efficient WordPress services. Online users will be able to conveniently access your content, blogs and posts uploaded daily.

For a more integrated and efficient approach, we provide VPS hosting services to those clients whose system has exceeded the limitations of shared hosting. It is an integrated hybrid model used for specific clients.

We appropriately organize different websites and allow them to share a single server and easily manage their relevant operations accordingly. Our shared hosting services help in cutting down the expenses needed for a maiden or dedicated server.

Buy complete control over a server and comprehensively manage your website and business according to your own will. Dedicated hosting will allow for more freedom in engaging your customers. You will be able to host heavy traffic on your website without having many complexities, interruptions, and delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web hosting is used to publish the website online by renting space on bandwidth and server from the provider. Web hosting is available in two categories: free and paid. Free web hosting is only used for a short period, and you can approach a targeted audience and monetize your website. On the other hand, through paid web hosting, you can purchase hosting according to your demand. It is available at variable prices. The paid hosting is ad-based; you can easily approach your targeted customers.

The other name used for virtual hosting is shared hosting. Virtual hosting is designed for the vast majority of websites. It assists in operating your multiple websites on one server. If you want a reasonable and reliable solution compared to a dedicated server, it is the best one for you.

Web hosting is used to access your website online for 24.7 hours. It helps to make your presence on the internet. It monitors the point where your website is the host, and the name of your domain is mentioned.

You can easily switch from your current web hosting. First, you just have to contact us, and we will manage all requirements and deal with all arrangements you require to switch off.

The dedicated IP is used if you want more manageable and controllable set up anonymous FTP access. It also helps to operate a website more efficiently by using SSL. In some cases, it is not required for some users.

"The cheapest services will serve the cheapest outcomes." In some cases, many of us found a lot of free and cheapest hosting for our initial setup. But I think they are doing wrong with their business. If you are investing less, automatically, you will not get true and expected results. Before going to purchasing the cheapest hosting, always keep in mind some things:

  • Some hosting approaches to limited customers and online visitors through their acts of acceptable use policy (AUP) and term of services (TOS). So to avoid these faults, try to check out both of these documents of the host.
  • Some hosts skimp on the bandwidth and overall performance of the websites to keep the cheapest and low rates of hosting.  
  • If you are investing less, you will find less productivity. Avoid purchasing free and cheapest hosting for less than $10 (30 cents a day) for website hosting.

Shared hosting: 
It is a low-cost hosting primarily used for those specific customers who want a more targeted audience and high traffic quickly in a short period, also has the fast speed of the website. It is a very suitable solution for small businesses and personal websites.

Business hosting: 
The most recommended hosting is business hosting. It is mostly used for more resources and planned performance of the website. It works with more resources (up to 5 CPU core and 8GB RAM). Websites also work more efficiently and incredibly fast with the help of Lite speed server-side page cache, along with Memcached backend caches and Redis.

Every time you will notice when the user is viewing a website and data transferred, and the assessment of that transfer data is the bandwidth. While viewing a website, the amount of data that you accessed is the bandwidth data. Compared to the text, the data mainly transferred in bandwidth is the video files, audio files, and images. In this case, if you have more video and streaming audio and fewer few resolution images, the more you need bandwidth.

Google Analytics and StatCounter assist in judging your website ranking, and how many customers and targeted audience are visiting and approaching your website. These are the most important business tools used for regularly deciphering the data and more changes according to sales plans and marketing requirements. Some hosts provide easy access to integrate these gears into your website to start monitoring.

Now the question is that what is the process to use the email account for outlook? A dedicated email account is a service you receive in return for purchasing an account with a web host. In some cases, you will receive one email account, 20-30+ email accounts, and in rare cases, you will receive unlimited email accounts. These email accounts always will be managed by the control panel; you just have to change the passwords of the email accounts when you use the emails for your purpose.

In many rare cases, you can enjoy the service of your website without hacking. If you are using WordPress, then be sure about your website security as compared to other websites. In rare cases, some web hosts provide the Site look security for your website protection from spammers and hackers, but some don't provide it. To focus on the boosting security of your websites, try to install plugins.

In this modern and competitive digital marketing era, you will see variable prices from web hosting providers. To grab and catch more customers' attention, some will provide lower prices by adding features and benefits plans. You will find variable prices with their specifications. Many of us try to purchase the most expensive web hosting for the extra mile features of the site, but unfortunately, they can realize the original one.

Every website needs a web server to work and perform functions properly to transfer data from web site to the systems of the visitors. Essentially, we say that the webserver works to store the data and share it with the visitors.

Shared hosting is actually for the beginner's webmaster who wants just to take off their business with some cheap expenses to run their websites. But in this case, if you are looking for an expert and inclusive hosting plan and want to run multiple websites, you should consider purchasing the ghosting plan and VPS.

If you want to run dozens of inclusive websites and large businesses, you must purchase dedicated hosting to upgrade your business. In the other case, if you are suffering from your current hosting, you can rely on dedicated hosting for comprehensive outcomes.

The dedicated server is the best option for the most potent hosting resolution. It is combined with the specific account holder and the overall power of the server.

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